Smart homes, Internet of Things, Z-Wave, Zigbee; these are all terms quickly becoming part of our daily lives. But what are they and why do we have to hear them or read about them?
These terms are all interconnected and most likely the term(s) Smart Home has been something you have heard over the past year. A Smart Home takes advantage of automation device and current building options that provide a new level of control over homes. Smart homes can be built from the ground up integrating smart devices throughout the home or added to your current home. In all cases, smart homes provide benefits and give the owner much more control over their homes.

Today we all are concerned about keeping our loved ones and home safe. Smart home devices allow for intelligent security systems with cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, and provide calls to a local police station or a private security company when needed. Smart homes also now use devices such as RFID cards or biometrics such as your fingerprints for identification in place of conventional locks. For instance, you can walk up to the door with a RFID card and the door will unlock for you, but anyone else who does not have that card would not be able to get in.

One of the overall reasons for a Smart Home is convenience. Smart homes give the owner access to their home both while at home and away. Things such as heating and cooling, intercoms, music and multimedia, security, and energy. These devices allow homeowners to watch a video or listen to music in any room; video security makes it easy to talk with others throughout the home or even at your door. All of these devices make daily tasks easier to do and more convenient.

Most of us are concerned about the rising cost of energy. Smart home devices provide greatly enhanced energy control and efficiency. Automated control such as lights can shutting off automatically when no one is in a room, or the indoor temperature adjusted during the day, while automatically adjusting it to a more comfortable level just before you get home from work. Automation such as this coupled with energy-efficient appliances can save big money on electricity, water, and natural gas.

Now think about your parents, grandparents. For Senior Citizens or the disabled, smart home devices feature many accessibility options. Things such as Voice-command can lock and unlock doors, start the shower, control lights, control the temperature, even assist in using the telephone. These devices even allow homeowners to set schedules for mowing or watering the lawn and vacuuming the house, assisting in getting these things done easily.

These are just a few of the benefits of building a new smart home or upgrading your existing home. If you have any questions and want a free consultation to understand how smart home devices and make your life easier, visit our website at or just give us a call at 1-833-SMART10.